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Transportation Cable Assemblies And Wire Harness Services

Cables Connection Manufacture Cable Assemblies And Automotive Wiring Harness for Reliable Performance in Rugged Applications

Cables Connection provide a diverse range of custom cable assemblies and custom wiring harness solutions to be used in products ranging from GPS devices to farm equipments. Cable  Assemblies And Wiring harnesses used in transportation devices play an  important role in the functioning of the application. We can provide competitive prices not only for low and high production runs, but also for prototypes.

The wire harnesses and cable assemblies produced by Shen Zhen Cables Connection have features of precise  dimensions and accurate orientation of components. The wire processes  of taping, blocking, and stringing are performed with extreme attention  to detail, which can help in improving the performance of the  application.

Applications of Transportation Cable Assemblies And Wire Harness

Our cable assemblies and wire harnesses can be used in industrial, commercial, and personal products as below:

· GPS navigation systems

· Material handling vehicles

· Commercial vehicles

· Motor cycles

· Farm equipments

· Automotive industries

· Mining equipments

Features of Transportation Wire Harness

The  quality of cable assemblies and wiring harnesses which used in  transportation applications have to be reliable. Below are some features  of transportation cable assemblies and wire harnesses manufactured by  Cables Connection:

· Lightweight to fit the design criteria of engineers

· High quality components used

· Shock and vibration resistant

· Reliable in high temperature applications

· support low and high voltage applications

· Various of choices in terms of wires, connectors, terminals, crimping, splicing, etc.