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Molded Cable Assemblies

Cables Connection Provides Molded Cable Assemblies

We  are an expert at manufacturing custom molded cables with in-house  design, prototyping, and assembly services. Our strong engineering team  can help customers to design and modify the tooling. There is an  extensive stock of molds to make custom cable manufacturing. This helps  customer no need to spend extra money on tooling.

We  produce molded cable assemblies, using diverse types of connectors and  cables, to meet customer designs. Cables can be multi-shielded, PVC  insulated, as well as made to customer-specified dimensions. Our  in-house injection molding capabilities help us to over-mold assemblies  from any plastic material.

Our engineers  work closely with customers, review their drawings, and help to find  best solutions to modify before the production of cable assembly. Molded  cable assemblies are all 100% electrical tested before shipping.