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Custom Electronics Potting


Cables Connection is the top manufacturer of custom cable assemblies in China. We offer a variety of services, including electronic potting. Our knowledgeable team of engineers and technicians can provide specialized solutions for any of your electronic potting needs. If you're looking for an efficient, dependable, and affordable solution for your electronic potting needs, Cables Connection is the best choice. We are dedicated to provide our customers with the best potting solutions.

Electronic potting, put simply, is the process of encasing electronic components and assemblies in a protective shell. Coating is done to protect the components against corrosion, moisture, dust, and environmental damage brought on by exceptionally hot or low temperatures. Also, it helps to reduce the likelihood of short circuits, increase component reliability, and lengthen component life.

Moreover, it aids in providing insulation and shielding the components from vibration and mechanical shock. Finally, it contributes to improving the printed circuit boards’ overall performance and reliability. We've created our electronic potting services to adhere to the strictest requirements for quality and security. We choose seasoned individuals that are skilled with the potting process and only utilize premium components and materials.

Potting requirements with Cables Connection

Cables Connection is professional and proud to offer custom potting services for industries which require high reliability and durability. From Test Connectivity Applications to 5G Network Applications and more, we have established ourselves as the most trusted partner in cable assemblies manufacturing. Contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you.