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Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Providing High-Quality Custom Made Cable Assemblies

Shenzhen Cables Connection Co., Ltd. is a professional contract manufacturer of custom cable assemblies, wire harness assemblies, and  electro-mechanical assemblies. Cables Connection has been in this  business for over 20 years, growing steadily, and today we maintain  manufacturing facilities in two locations. The corporate headquarters is  in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, and a second facility is located in  Zizhong, Sichuang Province.

Custom, build to print is  our entire business, and flexibility is at the heart of how we meet our  customer’s dynamic needs. To ensure the most accurate, timely, and cost  effective design and manufacturing process, we have engineered  flexibility into the very fabric of our company. We understand the  complete product design and manufacturing process, to deliver the  solution that fits the go to market strategy.

Cables  Connection works with customers in several industries: automotive,  telecommunications, military, recreation, consumer electronics, medical,  computer, semiconductor, and other industrial business sectors. We have  the experience and knowledge needed to meet the various needs and  specifications of these industries.

Cables Connection Specializes in:

·Custom Cable Assemblies

· Molded Cable Assemblies

· Wire Looms And Harnesses

· RF Cable Assemblies

· Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies

· Battery Power Cable Assemblies

· Power Cords

· Networking Patch Cables

We  are committed to a total quality system, providing our customers with  complete product and service satisfaction. Our facilities have been  certified to meet the standards of ISO 9001. Cables Connection focuses  on continual improvement of all its processes, assuring its customers of  the highest quality standards and on time delivery. With a wide  selection of automated and manual equipments to prepare outsourcing  products, Cables Connection can build your custom designed parts and  cables, and inspect the finished goods for perfection.

Whether you need standard cables, custom cable assemblies, or custom wire harnesses,  Cables Connection is here to help. We pride ourselves on providing  products and services of only the highest quality with on time delivery  to reach hard deadlines. Reach out and contact us with any questions you may have or request a free quote today; we’d love to show you how Cables Connection can benefit your application!