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RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies Manufacturer In China

Shen  Zhen Cables Connection is your one-stop solution for all your  high-performance RF and microwave coaxial cable assembly requirements.  Based on about 20 years of design, development, and manufacturing of RF  and microwave coaxial connectors, Shenzhen Cables Connection has become a  leading assembly house for the highest quality coaxial cable  assemblies. Whether it’s for a high power, high frequency, low loss or  low PIM application, Shenzhen Cables Connection has the experience to  assist in configuring the proper interconnect for your needs. Whether  you need flexible, hand-formable (or conformable), semi-rigid, or  armored cables or cable assemblies for your cabinet, jumper or test  application, Shenzhen Cables Connection has the know-how and resources  to get the job done right.  We’re also specialists in RG type and Times  Microwave Systems brand LMR and TCOM assemblies. And quick delivery is  our promise.

Save  time, save money, and save headaches with a professionally engineered  and manufactured RF or microwave, coaxial cable assembly from Shen Zhen  Cables Connection.


· Flexible Cable

o Low-Loss/Tape-Wrapped Dielectric Cables

o Standard Solid-Teflon Dielectric Cables

o Foam Dielectric Cables

· Semi-Rigid Cables

o Pre-Formed or Straight Copper and Aluminum-Jacket Cables

o Tin-Dipped Hand-Formable Cables

· Low-Cost/Durable Test Cables (eSMA/flexible-141)

· Phase-Matching Capability and Delay Lines up to 40 GHz

· Low PIM Cable Assemblies

Test Capability: 

· VSWR (Return Loss)

· Vector Network Analyzer Test Capability to 40 GHz

· PIM (Passive Intermodulation)

· Phase

· Time Domain

· HiPot/Continuity

Choose Cables Connection for Your RF Coacial Cable Assemblies!