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Cable Assemblies


Cable Assemblies

Cables Connection specializes in custom cable assembly. Our engineering experience, manufacturing capability, good quality, diverse stock level, and computerized testing makes us as the perfect choice of your cable assemblies.


Cables Connection use the best quality components, and workmanship to design and manufacture cable assemblies. Our strong experienced engineering team enable us to supply your prototype or production requirements in a short turnaround.

Our advantages include:

▲    Custom Cables Made to Requirements

▲    RF Cables Assemblies

▲    Customized Harnesses

▲    Over Molded Assemblies

▲    Prototype and Sample Units for Evaluation

▲    Tooling and Testing Development


If you are looking for a wide range of cost-effective cable assembly solutions, then Cables Connection can be your choice. Our manufacturing capabilities and engineering service keep our customers connected and competitive.