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Wire harness

Wire harness

Cables Connection manufactures wiring looms/harnesses for a wide range of applications, including electrical equipments, home appliances, transportation,telecommunication, military, contract manufacturing and medical industries.


Wiring Looms/Harness Quality Control
Every process of the wire harness production is strictly controlled to simplify assembly and inspection. All looms are 100% electrical and visually inspected before shipping to customers. For new products we submit first article samples to the customer for approval before main production.

Whether you have a low or high volume production run, we always use good quality components and provide competitive price. Our products are used in a diverse number of applications worldwide; we have the knowledge, equipment and capabilities to match your requirements.

We are proud of providing our customers with quality assurance, diverse manufacturing, flexible scheduling and on-time delivery. We offer built-to-spec products that precisely meet your needs. RoHS, UL compliant products are available as required.